Know your tribe. Know your truth.
— Grant Crusor, Founder

Black and Free, at its core, is a repository of inspiration and hope. When I started this project in 2016, I sought to amplify the work of artists of color across disciplines. In the process of doing this work, I encountered amazing stories from artists and the people they impacted. One recurring theme I heard was the connection to origin and lived identity as a person of color. In 2017, I sought to reimagine Black and Free to focus on this interaction, starting with (but not limited to) people of color in the United States. 

The “Know your tribe. Know you truth.” statement above serves as the guiding force of Black and Free in its current iteration. It is hypothesis, firmly held truth, and charge all in the same breath. From that grounding, this site will highlight different stories and truths around what it means to be Black and Free. When we know more of who we are and our truth, we can’t help but be inspired to live and create with greater purpose.

Black and Free will exist and thrive only with your input. Take a moment to share with the world your insights, wisdom, and inspiration related to living a Black and Free existence. It is my belief that by chronicling these narratives, we can build an accessible bank of hope and empowerment for ourselves and for those to come.

-Grant Crusor



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